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The Story of LTTCo.


From the Beginning...

andrew-childhood1.jpgI've ALWAYS been an Artist. My dream was to someday have a Artist Studio where I can be free to create. With a wide range of artistic interests, focusing on something specific was always difficult! Once I mastered a artistic skill set, I’d quickly move on to another interest.

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One Day In the Philippines

In 2013 I received an amazing opportunity to visit the Philippines with two close friends. Upon arriving, I realized I hadn't packed too well! One major thing I needed was some sort of ‘easy access’ wallet. I discovered one in the heart of Manilla. By the time I returned home my 'new' wallet was already too worn to use. So... I decided to figure out how to make one of my own.


UrbanAndrew Designs

After a few months of practice, I taught myself to sew. Being a perfectionist, I continued until my design was flawless. Once I developed my pattern, I started giving them to everyone I knew.

I opened an Etsy shop called 'UrbanAndrew Designs' and offered 8 of my zipper wallets. 2 weeks later I received my FIRST SALE! What a rush! I never actually thought that people would pay for what I created. From my first sale I was hooked and developed more wallet styles.


Let’s Move to Lake Tahoe!

The Fall of 2014 my partner Jim received a job offer in Lake Tahoe. My company allowed me to work virtual, so we decided to move. From the first month here, we knew this would be our 'Forever' home.

Living here was a surreal experience! Every morning I walked my dog through forests, and the evenings were spent playing on the beach. Squirrels, chipmunks, coyotes and bears became a daily encounter. The locals embraced us, and literally everyone we met became instant friends.


2 months after our move, the company I worked for restructured. After 8 years of working there I was laid off. Like anyone in this situation I was in panic mode. I continued looked for work, but invested all my additional time into developing my sewing skills.



I launched SewLakeTahoe.com March 1, 2015, and was quickly embraced by the Etsy community. By December, 10 months later, I’d already received over 1,100 orders, shipped to 18 countries worldwide, and 49 states within the United States!




Because of the massive success, I had no time to develop new ideas. I literally was sewing 12+ hours a day, everyday. So December 23, 2015 I put SewLakeTahoe.com ‘On Vacation.’

Lake Tahoe Trading Company

My dream was bigger than just sewing, but my business name wasn’t. After tons of research and planning, I decided on Lake Tahoe Trading Company. The perfect brand for encompassing a wide range of new and exciting products I envision for the future.


In the first 2 months of 2016, I’ve registered the brand, developed an in depth business plan, and wrapped up all the ‘backend’ online programing.

Expanding my business meant hiring staff. Being a perfectionist and a control freak, I knew this would be difficult for me. In a moment of hopelessness I vented to my partner wishing I could find someone like my old coworker Kym. She would be perfect for this! His obvious response, “Well, why don’t you ask her?” So I did!

The Artist Studio Grows

I shared my vision with Kym, and saw the spark in her eyes. She bought into it immediately! Together we're moving forward and diving into new and uncharted creative territories. Every step is exciting and part of the adventure! Together we've established 3 simple business promises:


Welcome to the Family!

Our desire is to have YOU join in OUR vision. We want you to feel like family when visiting LakeTahoeTradingCo.com. The best way to do this is for us to share the creative journey with you. Though Social Media, Blog Posts, & Video we invite you to join in on this adventure!