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Meet Our Artists


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I’ve been creating & selling things since I was a child. Inspired by my grandmother’s craft room I embraced the artistic world. She encouraged my creativity by sharing her new ideas, and allowing me to ‘join-in’ on whatever was being made. Now 30 years later, I’ve inherited her tools, books, and supplies. Most now hang in my craft room and inspire me to continue her passions.

Throughout grade school I was selling my handmade bracelets and lanyard keychains to my friends. Most nights I was fulfilling those ‘orders’ rather than doing my homework. This creativity continued into college where I obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Design & Marketing. Now, after 10+ years of corporate marketing experience I've decided it's time to pursue my passions and open an Artist Studio!

The Summer of 2012, during my time as a ‘Corporate Marketing Dude,’ I purchased my first home in Sacramento, Ca. It was the perfect starter home. Built in 1900, I used my years as a Construction Painter & Carpenter to make it my own.

jim3.jpgTwo months after moving to Sacramento I met Jim. He was smart, confident, and the total opposite of me! 

He continually challenged and encouraged me to rediscover my creative interests. By the New Year we were a couple. As Jim and I grew together, we started to dream about the future. My job was flexible, so he decided to pursue a career in Lake Tahoe.

The actualization of my vision started when we moved to Lake Tahoe in the Fall of 2014. A paradise located in the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. With 72 miles of crystal clear shoreline and surrounded by snow capped mountains, Lake Tahoe became my creative inspiration and the perfect place for us start a family.

  • For more about my creative journey and the development of Lake Tahoe Trading Company visit the Our Story section.


kymbunny.jpgCreativity was always apart of my childhood. As a young girl I loved learning crocheting, knitting, quilting and sewing. My Barbies were always decked out in all my latest “Kym-Couture.”

From middle School through college I expanded my skills and sold many of my creations. My beadwork, handmade bracelets, lanyards and personalized bookmarks were shared with family and friends. When my parents purchased and began to restore a 1920 bungalow to its original state, I eagerly assisted and learned more about craftsmanship and style.

At age 18 I moved to Arizona to try something new and go to school. I never realized how cold it gets there! I found myself in need of a scarf but the cheapest one I found that was cute was way too expensive. Being a stubborn person, I decided to buy some yarn and knitting needles and see if I could remember how to knit. After a day of trial and error, I was knitting again and my ‘Kym-Couture’ scarf kept me warm all winter.

I soon discovered my creative abilities expanded beyond the craft realm. I had long wanted to restore an original ’68 VW bug, so I bought one known around town as “Christmas Tree,” because each part of it was a different color. I went to the local city college and took an auto body restoration class and I learned how to do MIG and spot welding. Absolutely loved it!

kymdave2.jpgDuring my college years I met a guy name Dave through a video game we were both playing. We started talking and after a few months we met in person. A few years later we were married on a beach in La Jolla, California. Of course, I designed and handmade everything for our wedding day. It was one of the happiest days in my life. Today, he’s still the same prankster, online gamer, collector of insects and reptiles (I KNOW!!!), and I love him to bits.

By the end of college I had graduated with degrees in graphic design and computer animation. After moving back to California started my career at a local newspaper in Stockton, California. I met Andrew there… He was the “smiliest” person I had ever had the pleasure of knowing. Over the years we kept in touch as well as two introverts can manage.

Over the past few years the main emphasis of my life was making enough money to eat and pay rent, and I had to put my Kym-Couture persona on the shelf. But I missed the good old days when I could spend more time on designing and making different things. In the summer of 2015 I decided to devote more time to doing that again. I located my old sketchbook and decided to design some jewelry pieces for friends. The spark was back!

That December Andrew contacted me with a big idea he was developing. He shared his vision and invited me to partner with him. My job was to simply be creative! How awesome is that?! Now my days are filled with letting my imagination fly and making my ideas real! I love it!


momdad.jpgKevin Parrish is a 67-year-old retired journalist living in Rancho Murieta, California. Born in Napa and raised in Oklahoma City, he was educated at University of Nevada, Reno, and worked 48 years for various newspapers in Nevada, California and Nebraska. He is a 19-time winner of California Newspaper Publishers Association (CNPA) awards for writing and editing. He also is a former president of the Nevada Press Association.

Kevin has been married for 47 years to his wife Jeri and his two sons, 35-year-old Joshua of Oakland and 37-year-old Andrew who is the founder of Lake Tahoe Trading Company.