All About Me!




I’ve been creating & selling things since I was a child. Inspired by my grandmother’s craft room I embraced the artistic world. She encouraged my creativity by sharing her new ideas, and allowing me to ‘join-in’ on whatever was being made. Now 30 years later, I’ve inherited her tools, books, and supplies. Most now hang in my craft room and inspire me to continue her passions.

Throughout grade school I was selling my handmade bracelets and lanyard keychains to my friends. Most nights I was fulfilling those ‘orders’ rather than doing my homework. This creativity continued into college where I obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Design & Marketing. Now, after 10+ years of corporate marketing experience I've decided it's time to pursue my passions and open an Artist Studio!

The Summer of 2012, during my time as a ‘Corporate Marketing Dude,’ I purchased my first home in Sacramento, Ca. It was the perfect starter home. Built in 1900, I used my years as a Construction Painter & Carpenter to make it my own.

jim3.jpgTwo months after moving to Sacramento I met Jim. He was smart, confident, and the total opposite of me! 

He continually challenged and encouraged me to rediscover my creative interests. By the New Year we were a couple. As Jim and I grew together, we started to dream about the future. My job was flexible, so he decided to pursue a career in Lake Tahoe.

The actualization of my vision started when we moved to Lake Tahoe in the Fall of 2014. A paradise located in the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. With 72 miles of crystal clear shoreline and surrounded by snow capped mountains, Lake Tahoe became my creative inspiration and the perfect place for us start a family.