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'Phone' Pouch - Fit List:


Large 'Phone' Pouch (4.5"x7")
'Phone' Pouch Fits Virtually ALL Brands.
INCLUDING: Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HTC, LG, Asus, Microsoft, Google
Holds ANY Phone Smaller Than 4.5"x7"Even with a Thin Case on!

Small 'Phone' Pouch (3.5"x6")
Holds ANY Phone Smaller Than 3.5"x6".
FULL LIST: Small 'Phone' Pouch Fit List:


How to Order:
> Step 1: Large or Small Crossbody?

Choose either Large or Small Crossbody Bag.
> Large Crossbody: 5"x8" (Phone Pouch: 4.5"x7", Zipper Wallet: 6.5"x4.25")
Small Crossbody: 4"x7" (Phone Pouch: 3.5"x6", Zipper Wallet: 5.5"x3.25")

Note: The only difference between the Large & Small Crossbody Wallets is the Size. All Features are exactly the same.


> Step 2: Add Adjustable Strap or Wristlet?

Choose From Options & Sizes Provided. Price of Crossbody is Adjusted as you 'Add' Strap Options.
No Strap - No Strap or Wristlet will be included in Crossbody Order

> Wristlet - Size: 7"
> Small Adjustable Strap - Size: Adjusts from 27" (Shortest Length) to 48" (Longest Length)
> Large Adjustable Strap - Size: Adjusts from 34" (Shortest Length) to 60" (Longest Length)
> Wristlet & Adjustable Strap  - Best Deal!


Step 3: Upgrade to Color Strap or Wristlet?

Choose Upgrade Color. 
Classic Black - No color upgrade charge. Comes standard when ordering crossbody strap or wristlet.
> Color Upgrade$2 Color Upgrade Fee.
    - Not Sure which color works best? Select "Best Match" and I'll Pick For you. 
    - Can't Decide or Don't want a specific color? Just let me know in the order notes. 


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